Ceramic Arts

LCS has 6 wheels, 2 of which can be reserved in person or online through our Google calendar. Please contact the studio by phone to check availability. 678-269-7441

Day passes to the ceramics studio are limited based on occupancy, and require the completion of Clay 101, our studio orientation class. After passing Clay 101, you can become a member or purchase your day pass and work at your own pace! LCS uses midrange buff clay only – no outside clay is allowed. We have clay for purchase at the front counter, and 5 lbs is included with your day pass. With a monthly membership, you get 25 lbs of clay!

Firing Services* info

Cone 04 Bisque fire cost:
full kiln $85, half kiln $50, shelf $25
Cone 6 glaze fire cost:
full $120, half kiln $65, shelf $35

Glaze runs service charge is $15/shelf

By the piece bisque+glaze firing – measure tallest by widest, price is $1/sq.in.

No gulf or paraffin wax!

*LCS fires cone 6 midrange clays only, bisque fire cone 04